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Free Egypt Evening @ Marriott Residence Inn @ Lake Union, Seattle WA
TIME: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
LOCATION: Marriott Residence Inn @ Lake Union, Seattle WA

Enjoy a slide-show of the sacred sites, experience a taste of the energies they will be working with on their upcoming tour September 30-October 15, 2008.

Experience a powerful ceremony that works with the sacred temples Philae (Isis), Dendera (Hathor) and the Great Pyramid to open your heart, collect power and enhance manifestation. Luxuriate in this ‘energyspa’ to rejuvenate, transform and enter into the sacredness within.

Egyptian Temple Mysteries
PRICE: $375.00

The sacred knowledge of building consciousness and raising vibratory resonance is the art of Egyptian Temple Mysteries.  Entrain to the sacred land and temples of Egypt.

Work with the masters of architecture, sound, beauty, magic, mathematics, astrology and healing to become adept in ascending your inner ladder of consciousness.   Access the inner sanctuary, the holy of holies, the inner temple to quintessentially shift your awareness from lower vibration experiences fear, scarcity, separation, disease to higher vibratory experiences joy, abundance, unity, and health. 

Radio Show about Egypt
TIME: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM PST
INFORMATION: Curious about a spiritual tour to Egypt? Join Danielle Rama Hoffman and her husband Dr. Friedemann Schaub for an introduction to Magical Travel to Egypt on the internationally syndicated and award winning talk show, The Dr. Pat Show. This radio interview is aired on many radio stations, including 1150 AM Seattle and 1120 AM Boston. For a radio station near you go to . Recordings of the interviews are available on the Egypt is Calling Radio Show page.


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