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Another Magical Day in Egypt

by Chris Dapper

October 4th—Cairo, Egypt
The phone rang this morning at 4:30. Usually that is never a good thing, someone in trouble, definitely bad news, even if it is just a friendly drunk-dial. This morning, however, it was good news. The call to go to the Sphinx – in a private visit, just for us. It was really just the wake-up call to go to the Sphinx, our first visit to a sacred place in Egypt. Our first true ritual, the start of why I and most of the group came on this journey.

I know this all sounds out there and really, I had my own level of skepticism about this trip. I knew it would be cool and amazing, a chance to see things that I might not otherwise have seen. I was very open to the rituals and believe anything is possible. But it's not like I have a bindi on my forehead and am prancing around naked. I know and trust the couple who are running the trip. I know they do great and powerful work and are committed to helping people be the fullest expression of who they truly are. And if I can have some of that good ju-ju rub off on me while I'm taking pictures of the pyramids, all the better. I am not sure I was ready for the truth of this trip and what it would hold.

We all, piled into the bus so we could go up the hill to the Sphinx. We could have walked. It was across the street and up the hill. At least I could have. Actually, I have been amazed how nice and receptive the Egyptians have been. Here we are, in the latter part of Ramadan, a 90% (perhaps) Muslim country, and they couldn't be happier to see us. Everyone smiles. Everyone says welcome. The vast majority still says, "America Number 1!" whenever they have the chance. Our Egyptologist, Sameh, assures us that this is the way of the Egyptian people.

So we slowly headed up the hill, driving past the first pyramid and past the second. Then we came upon the Sphinx, sitting there quietly just before the rising of the sun. I was speechless, awed, amazed. Any number of adjectives. I was moved to tears. No big surprise, I'm sure, but still this was awe-inspiring. Tears because I was finally here, after thinking about it for so long, perhaps lifetimes some might say. I was overwhelmed. I had the sense of being in the presence of the source of all wisdom and compassion. It was perfect stillness and serenity. Of course it helped that it was six in the morning, but it was more than just the hour. It was more than the fact that we were the only people on the plateau. There was the feeling of love emanating from the Sphinx, who will be referred to as she, for that is how she has been described to me.

The group leaders Danielle and Friedemann left the bus, the rest of us sitting there in wonder. We were soon let off the bus. I stood behind the fence and looked at the Sphinx. Just feeling love and compassion, from and towards this great statue. Then one of the guards opened the gate of the fence, the fence that keeps people, the average tourists, fifty yards away from the Temple. We walked down to the Sphinx, in quiet reverence, towards the ceremony arranged for us. There I stood between the arms of the Sphinx at sunrise – nobody else around us. Again, to no surprise, I just wanted to cry. This was amazing. I was staring up at the head of the Sphinx. I was touching one of her arms. I was being held in safety and security, protected and loved by this beast that has watched the sun rise for thousands of years. And as the sun began to rise one more time, I was so aware how fortunate I am. I have an amazing life. And for that I am filled with gratitude.

The ceremony was powerful. I don't want to go into great detail. Not because I don't want to bore you or anything like that. I just don't know that it is appropriate. I say that out of respect for Danielle and Friedemann who organize this voyage. Though they might not use these terms, unless of course they do, they are the Priestess and Priest of this journey. I don't know that it is appropriate to divulge their secrets. Not for them or any of you, for I would hope that many of you would decide to take this trip and I would hate to give you expectations. Even though every trip is different, I wouldn't want to ruin it for you. I will share my experiences but most the details of the rituals, I won't. I will just say that each ceremony is meant to call upon the ancient powers and forces of Egypt and its Gods. In so doing, we ask for them to share their energetics and wisdom with us, allowing us to grow, heal, transform for the better.

The Sphinx is the protector of Egypt and it's mysteries. We came here today to ask her permission to make this journey. We also called upon Anubis, the God of the underworld. He is the one with the head of the Jackal and the body of a person. He helps us and protects us on the journey. And he looks like Roxy, my dog. Or Roxy looks like him, so I kinda like this guy a lot and he doesn't need to play catch endlessly. Well maybe from time to time. I guess playtime is playtime whether you are a canine on this plane or any other.

The Sphinx also is the guardian of the library of infinite knowledge. This includes knowledge that can help us in our journey of this lifetime. We have come to ask for a download of the information we need so we can transform into our greatest personal powers and potentials. She reads us and basically decides the information we need. Like I said, I was a bit skeptical, for lack of a better word, not really thinking I would experience much. I did really like the meditation like aspect of it, which was made easier by the stillness of the Sphinx. I could see, with my mind's eye as they say, a thick silvery cord connecting my heart with the heart of the Sphinx. And then I heard the voice in my head.

"You've already learned a lot."

I couldn't really argue with that, this month prior's travel providing me with a great deal of introspection and fodder for a great deal more. In traveling around Europe as well, I was aware of the new life I was creating. Not just one of a new home in Denver, but of my new outlook. The shifts towards greater happiness, towards whatever it is my heart is wanting me to do for work, towards family. Shifts towards greater self-acceptance. But I am unwilling to acknowledge my work and accomplishments in these endeavors, so that is when I heard the voice again.

"My you're a self-critical one, aren't you?"

It was said with no judgment. Only compassion. That is why I am sure it was not my own voice in my head, for that would have been filled with judgment and reminders of the size of my ass. The Sphinx had spoken to me, kindly and lovingly, and fortunately, there was an implication of "We'll see what we can do about that" along with it.
And then the download happened. I don't have specific conscious information, at least not yet. But I did feel waves of energy enter my body. My body actually spasming a bit with each wave, but I have notice that before. Another one of those woo-woo things that has started happening to be over the last year or so. When I feel the energy shift in my body, whether it is movement or the addition to, I have a spasm. A big twitch. Almost like the reaction you get when you experience a sudden shiver. And wave after wave and twitch after twitch, the information of the Ages was given to me. At least that is my interpretation, or at least my hope and belief. What I do know is that when all was said and done, I felt at peace. I felt loved. I loved back. And all the while, my own voice would pop into my head from time to time, "Oh my God, I'm leaning against the Sphinx!!!!!!!!!! This is sooooo cooooool!!!!!!!"

And I cried. I cried for this new feeling and new knowledge. I cried for how fortunate I am and how happy I can possibly be, knowing I can still be happier, and I cried in grief, for I was letting go of the "old" me. I am letting go of this person, or aspects of this person, I have known all my life. Characteristics that have protected me and served me. Characteristics with which I am very comfortable. And though they no longer serve me to the fullest and it is time to let these beliefs go, I grieve there loss, which I think is normal and frankly, healthy. You grieve loss, whatever it may be. If you don't, as Friedemann wisely said to me later, the energy is stuck and that is when you get depressed. So apparently, my energy is moving. Yahoo!

I was also given a word during the ceremony. A word that was described as a strength as well as what will be absorbed during this trip, the attributes of this word being given to us during each ceremony and in every temple. My word is Wisdom. Again, pretty cool. Or at least there are plenty of other words I don't know that I would have liked as much, like Patience or Stillness. Nothing wrong with those words, but they aren't necessarily my greatest strengths. So for those of you who thought I was a smart-ass before, watch out! Apparently I'm getting me some more wiseness.

So filled with bliss, love and a wealth of knowledge, we proceeded to our next part of our trip - for a new perspective of the pyramids, up at a "house" that Anwar Sedat had built. I guess in a way, it was like his Camp David. A retreat where he would contemplate the issues he was facing, knowing that this land of the pyramids and Sphinx atop the Geza Plateau, was sacred. A place where he could find the wisdom and compassion to lead his country during an era that was quite tumultuous.

We then had some free time to explore the pyramid area. This is when we got a taste of how lucky we were to have had our private time earlier that morning. The masses had arrived, busload after busload. It was such a different experience having these commotion of a thousand tourists walking about. The experience they are seeking here in Egypt is so vastly different than ours, with no outward appearance of a spiritual quest. No different from watching the flocks in Venice, Budapest, Prague or Amsterdam. Just hotter, drier and beiger. And that is fine. But I found myself extremely grateful that I was on the trip and with the group that I am. For not only the spiritual tone of the trip, but we were also prepared to honor and respect the culture, especially the women, mostly to dress appropriately. And here were these busloads of people in shorts and tank-tops, tromping about, little to no reverence. The magic and majestic powers of Egypt clearly not their trip in every sense of the phrase.

Later that afternoon, we had a sharing circle, everyone going around the room and expressing a bit of their personal experience of being at the Sphinx. I think it was the moment we started to bond. How could you not. While everyone had their own experience, some expressed as more woo-woo and others not, we shared it together. We would and will always have that common time. Though we were all pretty much still strangers, we were now one. Perhaps an odd group of people on this spiritual quest, perhaps not even knowing why we were here, but we were. We are.

In the evening I needed some time to myself. I needed to process the day a little bit and I wanted to write a letter to my friend, who is my spiritual confidant as well as teacher and, according to her, at times my student. I had been wanting to write her for a while and now was clearly the time. Plus it would allow me to process in the process.
It may or may not have been a lovely letter. I can't really judge that. I just know that she would be excited to receive and read it. I wrote of many of the things I have written here, only in slightly less detail. What is important about the letter, at least to me, was that somewhere in the middle of the writing, I had a realization. Not an epiphany. No visions or voices or magical energy transference. Just a knowing. A sureness within myself. I knew in that moment that I would never have to deal with depression again. I am done with depression. I may get sad, frustrated or unhappy, but the depression is gone. This is a feeling I have been having for a while now, at least an inkling thereof, but tonight I knew. And it felt good. It felt right. And there I sat, in the shadow of the great pyramid, had it been daytime, a smile upon my face, at the precipice of a new journey. The search for me.

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