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A Postcard From Egypt- April 2007

Hello from Egypt,

I am in Luxor 11 days into my 26 day pilgrimage and am having a deep and transformative time. My mother and I began our journey in Cairo and then spent two days on the Mediterranean in Alexandria. We then traveled to Abydos the temple associated with Osiris. My previous experience at Abydos has always been powerful, sometimes ecstatic and sometimes highly emotional. I was especially looking forward to my time at Abydos for I felt such a strong connection to the place. This time was also a wide range of emotions and experiences. I cried and felt the breath of the divine on my face. I had fear based nightmares and also felt incredibly peaceful. It became apparent to me that I had been at this temple many times in past lives and that I had come back again to complete some of the energy that was incomplete.

I had the true blessing of spending 9 1/2 hours in the temple. Much of this time I had the place basically to myself. I walked around and felt where I was called to sit and meditate. I began to remember the lives that didn't end so well and was able to send healing to those times. I collected the power that was there for me from before.

My most magical moment was at the Osirian, which in my opinion was one of the most powerful healing places on the planet. It is an outside part of the temple that houses the Flower of Life. It is filled with green water and its architecture is beyond explanation. My strongest memories of the temple have always been in this place. I remember chambers underneath this area and the temple that I have never been to in this lifetime. Whenever I am there I long to take a little boat and go into one of the doorways under the temple. I arrived at the Osirian and found a place in the shade to meditate. I looked down and there was a boy walking in the water cleaning up the trash that has blown into it. We exchanged hellos and I continued my meditation. Then the tourist police came and asked me if I wanted to go down a wooden staircase to get a better look at the Osirian. I pointed to the boy in the water and told him I wanted to go down with him. (A thought that had crossed my mind a few moments ago- ‘oh maybe this boy is here so I can go into the water like I have wanted to in my mind’.) So the police looked around and said 1 minute. I removed my shoes, climbed over the rail and onto a platform in the in the water and started to walk on water.The water was cool and filled with moss and I could see catfish swimming. The boy led me through one of the doorways into a room that was dark except for the sun shining through the opening. I saw Nut, the sky goddess, on the wall and also the ancient Egyptian calendar. We walked around for several minutes and then it was time for me to go. I felt so blessed, received and thrilled I could barely contain my excitement. After I returned to my original meditation space I was in awe of the gracious experience that had just manifested. I felt a completion of my internal process from the past few days and a deep inner healing and by the time we left Abydos, I felt quite content, peaceful and joyous. I have to admit that part of my joy came from moving from a house with no air conditioning and mosquitos to a lovely hotel with room-service.

This personal pilgrimage truly deepens my understanding of my connection to Egypt. I also realized that this is one reason why others join us on our Magical Journeys to Egypt. They feel something is missing, that there is unfinished business, that taking the trip can help them live and access more of their potential. This has been also true for me and I feel more myself every time I am visiting Egypt.

I am sharing my process in the hopes that it stirs a deep truth within you for we are all connected.

With gratitude and joy,

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