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A Postcard From Egypt-November 2006

Dear Friend,

We are sending you love, wisdom and joy from Egypt.  Can you feel it?  We hope so as words seem to fall short when trying to describe this journey.  The closest we can come up with is a Gurmukhi  word from Kundalini Yoga-WAHEGURU.  It means the Indescribable Ecstasy of the Divine.

Here is a snapshot of our journey:

Our modern day pilgrimage took us through the desert and along the Nile by train, bus, plane, cruise ship, sailboat, foot, donkey and camel and ultimately led us to find ourselves.  We experienced the magic of Egypt’s sacred sites and temples (often in private visits), became friends with its welcoming and openhearted people and learned about the customs and traditions of ancient and modern Egypt.  

Each day offered an opportunity to visit our "inner temple".  Calling us to expand, open our hearts and become bigger when we left then when we arrived (not just from the yummy falafel and hummus).  The impeccable flow and care of the universe mixed with Egypt’s love and generosity created a perfect environment to enter into the deepest parts of ourselves and emerge anew.  Egypt is a gift that we will unpack for a lifetime.
A famous traveler said once, that every land leaves an imprint on the visitor. Egypt certainly left a deep impression on each member of our group and as everyone agreed: this journey was indeed a trip of a lifetime.

All the best,
Danielle and Friedemann

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