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A Postcard From Egypt 2010 - The ingredients of transformational travel!

It is a glorious morning on the Giza Plateau. We just bid farewell to our group, which every time brings up a mixture of joy, gratitude and sadness. As our journey began we were mostly strangers, but soon became a family, which will always be connected through the profound experiences we shared with each other. These experiences were described as “awe-inspiring, fun, exciting, uplifting, rejuvenating, healing, heart-opening and juicy.” However, the word that was used the most often to summarize this pilgrimage was “transformational.”

One of our participants felt for the first time in her life, what it means to be truly whole and at peace with herself. Others noticed an expansion and freedom in their minds and bodies that they had never experienced before. One woman shared with tears in her eyes that she had finally found her true essence again, which she seemed to have lost over the last 20 years. One participant remarked that the changes she had noticed in just two weeks of being in Egypt were more profound than what she was able to achieve in 2 years of intensive inner work. So what are the ingredients that allow this “alchemical” transformation” to occur?

Imagine yourself in an ancient temple before sunrise or by yourself in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The space is lit by candles and all you can hear is the sound of silence and sometimes the chirping of birds. In this moment you realize with every cell of your being, that you are standing on sacred ground, in a place that was dedicated for thousands of years for healing, empowerment and expansion of consciousness. The ancient Egyptians had developed a deep understanding of how to access, unlock and activate energies for the purpose of initiation and transformation. By spending time in guided meditations and contemplations at these sacred sites, without the noise and distractions of regular tourism, we are able to achieve a peacefulness and clarity that allows us to connect to the sacredness within.

The temples of Egypt were said to be built on the places, where Isis found the fragments of her dismembered husband Osiris. Each temple has a signature energy, which is associated with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses it was designated to. As we entrain to the energies of the outer temple, we shed light onto the equivalent qualities of our “inner temple.” At Isis’ temple of Philae we remember our innate ability to love unconditionally – others and ourselves. Osiris’ temple of Abydos evokes a profound sense of peace and completeness. While Horus’ temple of Edfu feels very empowering and expansive, Hathor’s Denderra, although it is built almost identically as Edfu, connects us to the power of passion, pleasure and bliss. And as for the Great Pyramid – all I can say is “out of this world.”

Each ancient site bears the gift of reminding us of aspects ourselves – some of which may have been out of our conscious awareness for quite some time. As we are reconnecting to these aspects with increasing appreciation and self-love, we are transforming ourselves – from fragmented to being whole again. The fact that the participants are taken care of in such an exquisite way is another very important ingredient of our transformational journeys to Egypt. Once again we had the privilege to sail down the Nile on our private yacht, with luxurious accommodations, delicious food and a staff, who was eager to fulfill all our wishes. Having our sail-boat allowed us to stop at little villages and explore life in rural Egypt and be off the beaten path. The openness, hospitality and great sense of humor of the Egyptians, never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I will never forget the brightly smiling face of the matriarch of a large family, when she proudly showed us her home, thoroughly enjoying our disbelieving stares at the bread-plates made of formed out of dried cow-dung. Often having little in material means, yet they are so rich when it comes to being engaged and content with their lives. As a land imprints on its visitors, I know that some of the beauty, wisdom and zest for life of the Egyptians will remain with us forever.

The third ingredient of the “alchemical transformations” during our journeys to Egypt are the participants. This time our group was a kaleidoscope of people from various countries and very different walks of life. However, what they all had in common was the intention and strong commitment to utilize this journey to grow and expand beyond their own perceived limitations. What is special about the people who join us on our journeys through Egypt is that they aren’t only committed to their own personal growth, but also to the growth of their fellow-travelers. The openness, patience, kindness, and compassion that is shared among the participants creates the space for each of them to feel safe, accepted and valued – a space, which allows the unfolding of the authentic self.

There were many transformational gifts for all of us on this pilgrimage through Egypt – and from my own experience I know, that they will continue to unpack themselves for a long time to come. I am joyously looking forward to our next journey in February 2011 and sharing this magical experience with the wonderful people who feel called to join us. The very exciting news is, that we are extremely fortunate that we were offered again the Dahabia for this upcoming trip - and we don't know, when it will be available to us again. However, this also means that the number of people who can join us for this trip of a life-time is very limited. Visit or contact us for more information or to register and secure your space.

With gratitude and joy,

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