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A Postcard From Egypt - May 2007


We just came back from an exquisite visit in Egypt. Our journey led us from the most Northern city of Alexandria to Abu Simbel in the deep South. One of our objectives was to explore new sites and places for future "Egypt is Calling Tours". But no matter how many times you are visiting Egypt, deep inner healing and transformation takes place. We stayed for 5 days on Elephantine Island, in Aswan - one of the most powerful energy vortexes on the planet. Most people, who enter the island feel immediately a slight dizziness, which lasts for at least a few hours until they acclimate to the potent energy of this island.

Throughout thousands of years temples were built here, dismantled and new one's erected, creating layer upon layer of sacred history. Just like our lives, which are built on layer upon layer of individual history and experiences. The energy of Elephantine Island assists in dismantling the layers of our personal history that no longer serve us and reconnecting us to the seed and foundation of our essence. Which was probably the reason, why throughout history this island was chosen as a sacred site for temples, churches and monasteries.

As we spent 5 days immersed in this energy, we continued an ancient tradition, which brought to the surface unresolved issues and layers, which we were ready to "dismantle".

Since this was a family trip and we were not traveling with a group, we did not have the privilege of private visits of the temples. What a difference! Horus' Temple in Edfu in particular exemplifies this dramatic contrast. On our Egypt is Calling Tours we arrange to visit this temple privately either at night or before sunrise for 2-3 hours. This time being a "regular" tourist, we were shuttled in with hundreds of other tourists, we stood in line to buy tickets, which took 20 minutes of our 60 minutes, which was the allowed time to visit the temple. Inside we were herded through the halls like cattle; through the sea of people we could not even get close to the holy of holies, to see the solar boat.

Having previously experienced the powerful energy of Edfu, we were surprised to feel the energy of the temple almost dormant. We now have an even deeper level of gratitude for the blessing and privilege of the special ways our tours are arranged. Our "Egypt is Calling Tours" create opportunities to deeply connect to the spiritual and sacred energies of ancient Egypt. We hope you can join us on one of our tours to discover Egypt's true magic.

Until soon - be well,


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