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The Egyptian Pantheon: The Power Path to Wholeness

By Danielle Rama Hoffman

Creating relationships with the Egyptian Pantheon provides a powerful path to wholeness.  These relationships allow us to reawaken qualities that lay dormant within and infuse the areas in our life that most need it with nourishment and vitality.  What is the Egyptian Pantheon?  A pantheon is “all the gods of a people”.  The Egyptian Pantheon is comprised of all the gods and goddesses of Egypt, called neters, an Egyptian word from which our word, nature, is derived. Members of the Egyptian Pantheon are zoomorphic and anthropomorphic in nature, and are often shown as part animal, part human and displaying symbols of their divinity.  For instance, Sekhmet, in many of her images, is shown with the head of a lioness and the body of a woman. The cobra and sun disc that appear on her head represent the vital kundalini energy and the power of the sun, and the symbols that she carries, the ankh and papyrus staff, signify her divine status and power. Sekhmet embodies and represents many qualities, including courage, compassion and healing.

Each member of the Pantheon represents archetypal qualities that are found in nature, in humans and in the divine.  Getting to know these archetypes one at a time gives us a bite sized, chewable and digestible method to get to know the mystery and depth of nature, the divine and ourselves.  To remember the entirety and intricacy of our multifaceted nature takes time and deep introspection.  Building relationships with the neters awakens their divine qualities within us and accelerates our path to wholeness.

We each have strengths and challenges; we each have parts of ourselves that are developed and some that are dormant. Working with neters allows us to become well nourished and vitalized in the areas of our lives that need energy. You may discover that the energy of Hathor ignites juiciness, ecstasy and joy in your life, and that you can dance your way to wholeness.  Working with Isis can awaken divine feminine magic and spiritual nourishment, and can give you the sustenance you need to proceed on your path.  Sekhmet can give you the courage and compassion to own your solar feminine power and create laser-like healing and transformation in your life. Wholeness exists within each of us; it just needs to be re-membered.

How do you know who in the Pantheon would be beneficial for you work with?  What archetypal qualities would you like to expand and infuse into your life?  What experiences are you having that are not really serving you?  For example, if fear prevents you from living your dreams Anubis or Sobek can help you transform the fear.  If you have emotions that impact you from childhood, Anubis can help you heal wounds from the past.  Ask your inner guidance which qualities and corresponding Neters would assist you the most in this moment. This will be an organic process, you may have periods of deep work with one ally for a while and when there is a shift, another one will come in more strongly.  This is a natural part of the evolution of wholeness.

Take a moment to look at the Pantheon Wheel of Wholeness below, which includes some of the members of the pantheon and a few of their archetypal qualities.  Notice the qualities in each section of the wheel and ask yourself, on a scale of one to ten, how much are these qualities present in you and in your life? The center of the wheel represents zero and the outside ten.  In each section place a dot at the number you feel represents how much these qualities are expressed in your life.  For instance, if you feel like you are a person that is self-loving, self-nurturing and consciously evolving on your soul’s path, then you would place a dot on both sides of the section of Bastet on the outside of the circle representing a 10.  If you have a tendency to put yourself down and lack a strong self-care program, then you would place these dots close to the center of the wheel.  Continue around the circle and when complete, connect the dots.

Now take a look at your wheel of wholeness— is any part of the wheel missing or only partially developed?  Which neter and its archetypal qualities did you score yourself lowest on?  This may be an ally that will create great shifts in your life.  You may have everything you need accept a few qualities.   For instance, you could have Thoth’s infinite knowledge and know what your purpose is; you may have Sekhmet’s courage to accomplish your path and Ma'at’s divine order to organize your life with balance.  However, you may lack Bastet’s self love and feel like you don’t deserve to have your purpose fulfilled.  It may be only one quality that is not fully awakened inside of you that can throw the momentum of your path of wholeness into a flat tire of struggle and frustration. Set an intention to build a relationship with one or two of the guides from the wheel that you scored the lowest on.  Choose the ones that, once you embody their qualities, will allow the wheel and your life to flow and roll in balance.

Through building close relationships with the Egyptian Pantheon you can walk a path of power that leads you to be who you really are.  You can live your life with unbridled authenticity, fulfilling your purpose with joy, passion and success.

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