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Is Egypt Calling You? Say “Yes”!

By Danielle Rama Hoffman

In the year 2000 Egypt called me.  I knew with every cell of my being that I had to respond, yet finding the 10,000 dollars that my husband and I needed for this journey seemed insurmountable.  It was however this challenge that became the opportunity for me to work through my blocks around money and receiving support.
On my birthday I asked my community of friends to support my dream through their prayers and visualizations.  I decided to save all of the cash I received from clients and students in a special wooden box for our Egypt trip.  When people who had always paid by check suddenly began paying in cash, I knew that the universe was supporting us to go.
We took our first trip in 2001, and our experience in Egypt was phenomenal and surpassed all of our dreams.  Now my husband, Dr. Friedemann Schaub and I lead tours to Egypt in collaboration with Shamanic Journeys and Quest Travel.
In talking with others about traveling to Egypt I have found that I am certainly not unique in thinking/feeling that there are obstacles or blocks.  Manifesting a trip to Egypt is an amazing opportunity to overcome these blocks be they fear, money, time, health or family obligations and support.  If a perceived limitation is coming up for you around your big dream to go to Egypt, it is limiting you in other areas of your life.  The microcosm reflects the macrocosm.  Facing what stops us from fulfilling our dreams shines the light on what is stopping us in all areas of our life.  If Egypt is calling you—Answer “Yes”!  You will receive more than you ever imagined and grow exponentially before you even get there. 
Tips to manifest going to Egypt

» Write down what you would need to know or have in order to go and by what date.
» Write down the experience you are choosing to create.  Include how it will feel.  For example, I choose to manifest the money to pay for my trip with ease and grace.
» Activate your community and ask for support in manifesting your trip to Egypt.  (One woman wrote 100 letters to her friends, family and contacts asking for support and they responded with the additional funds she needed.)
» Open an account for Egypt or have a special place to keep the money as you are raising it.  Sometimes setting a partial goal--I will have 1/3 of the money by a certain date--is helpful psychologically and energetically.
» Visualize being in Egypt, create a treasure map.
» Ask and open up to receive support from the universe.

Here is a journey from Anubis to assist you on your path to Egypt.  The ancient Egyptian God Anubis is a sleek, black Jackal.  He is the opener of pathways and protects us as we explore our emotions and our vulnerabilities. Because he creates pathways between the darkness and the light he is a great ally to assist us in manifesting our dreams.

The Stepping Stone Journey

Place your hands on your heart and feel it beating.  Hear and sense this internal rhythm within you.  Follow the rhythm of your heart with your consciousness and go deeper and deeper within.  As you move your awareness more deeply into your heart connect to a deep state of harmony, of peace, of unification that lies within this deepest part of you.   Allow this connection to lead you through a doorway or portal that opens into a field of infinite possibilities.   Where everything that you need becomes available to you.  Take a few moments to steep in this expanded energy and reconnect to this unlimited source…

Put out a call to Anubis and ask him to open a pathway that leads you to Egypt.  Become aware of his presence and greet him eye-to-eye, heart-to heart, divine-to-divine.   Offer him your gratitude and your list of potential blocks.   Make sure you fully give Anubis your blocks and that you completely let go of them.  In exchange for each block Anubis brings you a stepping-stone.  Each stone represents an opportunity, experience, or person that will assist you in getting to Egypt.  Imagine walking on this stone pathway with Anubis as he brings to you everything that you need to go on this trip.  Including any information and guidance that will assist you.

Off in the distance you begin to make out the Pyramids and the Sphinx.  Keep walking on the pathway until you are standing with Anubis between the paws of the Sphinx, at the gateway to Egypt.  Really sense, see, feel or imagine how it is to be there…Focus on the emotion of gratitude and extend a silver cord of energy from the heart of your future self in Egypt to the heart of you in the now. Know that this heart connection from your future self to yourself now and Anubis’s assistance will easily and effortlessly draw you to Egypt.  Thank Anubis for his assistance.  When you have the sense that your experience is complete become aware of your hands on your heart and feeling your heart beating.  Slowly bring your awareness back to feeling your body and hearing the sounds around you and at that perfect time open your eyes.

Know you can tap into this energy by placing your hands on your heart and feel your heart beating.  Remember to take action towards your dream and be willing to receive support.  Magic is knowing what you want and allowing yourself to have it. See you in Egypt.  

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