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Sekhmet's Initiation: Unbridled Authenticity

By Danielle Rama Hoffman

Sekhmet Sekhmet, the goddess of transformation, of solar feminine fire is alive and well in Egypt. At the temple of Karnak she resides unmoved since her creation in a chapel dedicated to her trilogy, her consort Ptah and their son Nefertem. Her black granite stone statue with a lioness head and a woman’s body is activated, her eyes alive with the healing power of destruction. She carries the staff of the lotus and wears the crown of the solar disc with the uraeus the cobra of protection upon it. She represents the raw power of knowing exactly who she is and owning her primal nature. In history she is called the Goddess of war and is known for her slaughter of humans during a time of chaos. Her story includes the compassionate nature of destruction. The fierce protection of the mother is sometimes called to destroy in order to preserve well being.
She is the compassionate healer. She is raw courage and power. She hunts down the thought forms behind disease. Sekhmet stalks down the distorted emotions that create unhappiness and breathes fire onto them absorbing them back into nature, restoring balance to the whole.
Her energy is one that seems contradictory, like gentle discipline. Her message is that power doesn’t always wear a smile. Sometimes it is fierce and loud-yet the deepest message of power she has to share is to be who you are without apology. You cannot take the lioness out of Sekhmet, she is not a domesticated cat, just like you can’t take the primal nature out of you and still be you. Sometimes you may be called to destroy that which is no longer serving you for your highest and best good.

Sekhmet’s empowerment is needed now. She is broadcasting her support, her love and her courage through the ethers with the intention to connect to those who are longing to be who they truly are. Whether it is through a journey to Egypt or through an intention to connect to her she is offering the initiation into the self. On our Magical Tours through Egypt we travel to this sacred temple of Karnak in Luxor and visit Sekhmet’s chapel. This initiation of the self may be what calls you to this trip.
Imagine entering into her chamber by yourself and walking up to Sekhmet. As you gaze upon her eyes Sekhmet looks back at you, alive and in her full power. See yourself in her eyes as you receive an individual and direct empowerment from her.

For you she may express the fierce protection of the mother. Or she may radiate compassion and acceptance of the totality of you, including the parts that you may not like. She may provide messages of courage, or hunt down the thought forms behind any imbalances you may have. Regardless of the exchange that happens, it is an experience not to be missed. The collective message she offers is to be true to you. And she activates within you the courage and the power to express your essence without apology and with unbridled authenticity.

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