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Kom Ombo - Seat of Neutrality

By Danielle Rama Hoffman

Sekhmet The Egyptian temple, Kom Ombo, is dedicated to two Gods, Sobek the crocodile and Horus, the hawk. Sobek represents the dark and Horus the light. Reflective of this duality, Sobek’s half of the island houses the negative pole and Horus half the positive pole. These poles of polarity are in perfect balance. At the central line of the temple the positive and negative charges are neutralized to create a unified field of neutrality.
The nature of the universe is always seeking harmony; it is always seeking unity. If you have a negative and challenging day, then at some point, you will experience a complete change and have a beautiful and positive day. If you experience the negative or the positive you are on the coin of duality and it will flip. If you are on the coin of duality, the negative or positive side, you will continue to experience both.
If you are neutral and in the open heart, your heart field is so large that it includes the coin; it absorbs the coin, and the coin becomes neutral. Then you come from the place of oneness; from your Source, which is blissful and joyful and abundant, and larger than any negative or positive pulse.
Kom Ombo is one of the power places we visit on our Magical Journey in Egypt. In the sanctuary of the temple resides the Seat of Neutrality. As you sit in this seat and connect to this sacred land with intention you are able to unify the positive and negative poles within and experience neutrality.
In the Kom Ombo Initiation below you use the alchemical chemistry of your breath cycle to come into this neutral energy of the heart. Through breathing in equal amounts, such as, five counts of an inhalation and five counts of an exhalation, your ability to be in a neutral pole is exponentially increased. As you live your life things still move in a negative charge or a positive charge. Yet since you are immersed in the bliss of the neutral the polarity is absorbed and continues to feed the strength of the neutrality of the open heart. The following initiation is a suggested daily practice to assist you in living from the open heart.

Kom Ombo Initiation - Daily practice for living from the heart

Focus on your breath and inhale and exhale equally. Inhale counting and exhale counting; regulate your breath until the inhalation and the exhalation take the same amount of time. Breathe into your heart center and expand your heart field. Place your intention to connect to the Seat of Neutrality at Kom Ombo on the altar of your heart. Energize it with your equal breaths. Visualize yourself sitting in the Seat of Neutrality. Entrain to the energy of neutrality. Feel an alchemical process happening within you. Continue to breathe in equal amounts, and notice that your heart field has expanded larger than your body. Sit inside the field of your open heart. Through your breath, direct the positive and negative poles within you to become equal and to combine to create a unified field of neutrality.

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