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By Penelope Torribio

It all started out innocently enough: My husband Gerry and I went to a music conference near Carlsbad, Ca. At the conference we met “angelic harpist” Peter Sterling. He is a noted New Age musician with an interesting story ( Peter announced that he was going to Egypt with a group called “Shamanic Journeys” and they had arranged alone time in some of the major temples, tombs and pyramids of Egypt and he was going to play his harp. I thought, are we going to Egypt someday —without the angelic harpist? Or are we going now—with the angelic harpist. We sent in out a deposit the next day. Our departure was set for Oct. 2, and we would be in Egypt for 17 days.

We had no idea that Shamanic Journeys was founded by people who had channeled Egyptian deities (channeling is accessing messages from the non-physical plane).

What’s more, the purpose of the trip was not simply to see Egypt but to take an alchemical journey, gaining knowledge and initiation for the purpose of transformation. Our tour leaders were Danielle Hoffman, energy intuitive and a master of Reiki (Reiki is a form of energy healing developed in Japan in which energy is said to flow from the palms of practitioners’ hands). Hoffman ( specializes in the Egyptian Mysteries (these include esoteric explanations of the significance of temples, tombs and pyramids). Her husband, Dr. Friedemann Shaub, is a cardiologist, who became fascinated by humans’ self-healing abilities and works now in alternative medicine. (

The activities of our group were often directed by the world’s top Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass. He is the author of a number of books and articles on ancient Egypt and nearly everyone has seen him in the news and on TV specials. He opened the way for us to be alone in many sacred sites, including opening up the Seti Tomb in the Valley of Kings, which has been closed to the public since 1984. The colors of the paintings on the walls and ceilings are the best-preserved in Egypt. It was spectacular. He also made it possible for us to spend two hours, with just our group, inside the Great Pyramid on our final day in Egypt. We performed a ceremony to activate and energize the King’s Chamber and when we came out there was lightning, thunder and light rain for the first time in many years. Some local Egyptian children children had never seen lightning.

Halfway through the trip I said to Gerry that we had paid good money to go through Egypt with our eyes closed. But this was really a joke.

It was a very wonderful and truly transformative journey that made changes in all 32 travelers and many of the Egyptian people that we met along the way. It is impossible to describe this Shamanic Journey in a couple of words. Aside from the rituals and initiations, the trip featured numerous highlights: a hair-raising hour-long donkey ride through a rural town on the West Bank; an hours-long camel ride from the Sphinx to the Great Pyramid (for some reason, riding a camel felt familiar to me; a leisurely hot air balloon ride over the Valley of Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Other stand-out adventures include the train ride from Cairo to Aswan, a scenic boat ride down the Nile, and actually putting our feet into the historic river. This last experience, in particular, has been a lifelong goal. I’ve also waded in India’s Ganges River. My feet are headed next for the Amazon.

The best thing out of the trip was the great new friends we made on this journey and, for me, losing some of my fears, enabling me to enjoy the thrill of crawling on my hands and knees down dark tombs and flying in hot air balloons. While soaring in our blue balloon, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days. Singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the top of my lungs while soaring over King Tut’s tomb was a surreal and unforgettable experience.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos from Egypt. You may note in a few that Gerry and I—inspired by Elizabethe Peters’ Egyptian mystery novels—wore clothing reminiscent of those a 19th century Egyptologist might wear. I took nearly 3,000 pictures and have turned them into six DVD slide shows—are you ready? Does anybody have popcorn?

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