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“Once our mind, body and spirit are in alignment, we are unstoppable.”

Friedemann Schaub Friedemann Schaub MD., Ph.D., the founder of Cellular Wisdom, a Mind-Body Healing Center, based in Seattle, WA. During more than 15 years of practice and research as a physician and molecular-biologist, Dr. Schaub found that emotional balance and activation of the mind-body-spirit connection are keys to accelerated healing. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can activate our enormous potential to create health, well-being and success.

Dr. Schaub developed an accelerated Personal Breakthrough Program, which combines mind-activating technologies such as, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line TherapyTM with his broad background in medicine and biology. The Personal Breakthrough Program is specifically designed to access the mind-body-spirit connection and utilize our innate ability to heal and change.

"The Magic of Egypt is alive and well. During the journeys to this ancient land, I have seen our participants expand, change and heal on a very profound level. Many people told me that they are convinced that these changes would not have been possible in such a short amount of time - and with so much fun - in their normal environment. I believe that spending time in Egypt at the sacred sites with conscious intentions is one of the most powerful ways to realize our unlimited nature - and to connect to the heart of who we really are."

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Danielle is an energy intuitive, healer and teacher.  Since the early age of 3 she has been able to sense the energy and feelings of those around her.  She has been trained in counseling, energy healing, including Reiki and Alchemical Healing, and uses her gifts and training to help people.  Danielle specializes in Intuitive Body Readings, which identify and shift emotions, beliefs and physical dis-ease that block a person from radiant health, abundance, peace of mind... She has been in private practice for over 12years and has assisted 1000’s of people to live the life they imagined.

Her passion for energy, initiation and growth led her to the mysteries of ancient Egypt.  She has taught extensively on the Gods and Goddesses of the Egyptian Pantheon and now leads tours to Egypt with her husband Dr. Friedemann Schaub. Egypt feels like home to Danielle and it is her great joy to bring people to this land of the open heart.  To find out more about Danielle and the benefits she can offer you go to her website

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